Long Beach Community College District (LBCCD) is located in Los Angeles County, an area with a population just under 10 million people, making it one of the largest and most culturally diverse regions in the nation. LBCCD, which first opened its doors in 1927 to 503 students, is now one of the oldest and largest of California’s public, open enrollment community colleges. LBCCD, with over 24,000 students enrolled each semester, is a large single-college, two-campus district within California’s 112 community colleges (Liberal Arts/LAC and Pacific Coast/PCC campuses).

Working-Professionals-in-ClassIn 1944, the college underwent a reorganization resulting in splitting the college into three divisions: the liberal arts division, the general adult division and technical institute division. The liberal arts division remained on the original college campus, and became known as the liberal arts campus. The general adult division and technical institute division offered courses at surrounding educations centers, until a second LBCC campus was opened on the former site of Hamilton Junior High School in 1949 due to increased enrollment after World War II.

The college offers 21 intercollegiate athletic programs and holds more national and state titles and bowl appearances than any other California community college. The college has twice been selected by Cal-Hi Sports as the best community college athletics program in the nation.

More than 80% of LBCCD’s students are of color, with 53% of the student body self-reporting as Hispanic and 28% reporting as African American, Asian, Filipino or Pacific Islander. Approximately 47% of LBCCD’s students are recipients of need-based financial support and 24% of LBCCD’s students are age 30 or older.

Long Beach City College promotes equitable student learning and achievement, academic excellence, and workforce development by delivering high quality educational programs and support services to our diverse communities. LBCC prides itself on the following cores objectives as part of its mission statement:

  • Student Focus
    You are the focus and purpose for all we do; we serve you best by providing exceptional educational and student support services opportunities to help YOU succeed.
  • Excellence
    We value innovation and creativity as part of our commitment to the continuous improvement of our educational environment.
  • Equity and Diversity
    We cultivate equity and diversity by embracing all cultures, ideas, and perspectives and by striving for equitable opportunities and outcomes for all students.
  • Integrity
    We encourage a civil and ethical campus environment and value the perspectives of all individuals.
  • Responsibility
    We promote social responsibility throughout our campus community and strive to realize an efficient and effective use of our various resources.