Guiding Principle

successful_spanish_study_habits-700x329In response to AB 86, the guiding principle of our partnership consortium places the student at the center of the discussions, not individual institutions. The faculty supported focus allows for open and productive dialogues to align efforts across institutions and sets the foundation for this collaborative to enhance adult education in the Long Beach, CA area.

The purpose of AB 86

stock-photo-3716784-teacher-watching-studentThe purpose of AB86 (short for Assembly Bill 86) Section 76, Article 3 is to provide grant funds to regional consortia to create and implement a plan to better provide adults with all of the following:

  • Elementary and secondary basic skills, including classes required for a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate
  • Classes and courses for immigrants eligible for education services in citizenship, and English as a second language and workforce preparation classes in basic skills
  • Education programs for adults with disabilities
  • Short-term career technical education programs with high employment potential
  • Programs for apprentices

Who are we

We are a consortium of stakeholders serving the needs of adults in the Long Beach, California area. Our members include Long Beach Community College District (LBCCD) and Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD), which provides education services to adults in the region.

Our potential partners include an ever-growing list of agencies with a focus of providing support to adults in various areas. If you are an adult living in the Long Beach region, we want to support your educational and career-readiness needs.


It is the intent of the Long Beach Adult Education Consortium ( LBAEC) to leverage the strengths of members and partners to deliver outstanding adult education programs and services with seamless transitions into the workforce or postsecondary education.


Our first goal is to build a highly functional group to plan and deliver effective educational programs and services to adults.

The second goal is to provide a responsive environment to adults seeking a better life through education and job training. The Consortium members and partners will be able to connect adult learners to the proper resources that best suit their goals and needs.


We are in the second year of a two-year planning phase to ultimately secure new adult education funding.

In the planning phase we are identifying the needs, the gaps, and the funds needed to fully support a new era of adult educational services and support in our region.