Adult Education. We Thrive. We Work. We Learn.

Every day millions of Americans look for ways to gain what they need to be successful in work or education, yet, employers report that over 90% of workers lack the skills necessary to  to do their jobs.  60 million Americans cannot perform simple math problems and 36 million have limited reading or English skills which makes it even harder for them to be successful at work or school.  In the 19 zip codes that surround Long Beach, 37% of the residents report that they have a high school diploma or less, yet in the year  2018 2/3 of all new jobs available will require that candidates have an education beyond the high school level.

Take a look at the video below that hilights how adult education improves the lives of adult learners across the country.



Adult Education: We Thrive.  We Work. We Succeed.

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